Secure Solutions For Edi Customs Software

The custom software solutions offered by InteleBiz provide electronic data interchange (EDI) integrations with several types of systems and with many different standards.

EDI Integration
InteleBiz's developers perform seamless EDI integration, generating EDI-ready output files automatically, and consolidating data from different systems.
Custom EDI Systems
Our engineers create custom on-premise, cloud and hybrid systems to enable EDI communications that adapt to major communications standards.
EDI Implementation
We create end-to-end EDI capabilities using standards such as AS2, SFTP and FTPS. We enable the use of Network Service Providers and VANs.
EDI Healthcare Platforms
Using X12 messages, InteleBiz's experts program EDI platforms for medical billing transactions and healthcare insurance claims.

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InteleBiz is a technology-driven custom software solutions corporation. Since the inception, we have been delivering unbeatable custom software solutions for startups, small businesses, medium enterprises, and large corporation irrespective of their industry.


At InteleBiz, we are committed to going out of the box in ensuring our clients get great value from what we helped them create and build.


At InteleBiz, we always believe that we need to be passionate about our clients’ businesses and products, and treat them with great care and support.


At InteleBiz, ownership is engendered at the heart of every team member to understand what sort of value he/she is meant to add at every piece of the puzzle.

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